The Tapscott Family Tree


More Information

I try to add to the site as additional information is gathered.

As the content is a "work in progress", some facts are liable to change if new details come to light during subsequent investigations - please bear this in mind if you use any of the data on these pages (which you are welcome to do, although I would respectfully ask that you acknowledge this site as the source).  The website is updated fairly regularly, so if you return to the site quite often you may need to force a refresh within your browser as some browsers will automatically display the cached (viz. "old") page rather than an updated page.

I have excluded from the website details of "living" people. A person is deemed "deceased" if:

  • the person has a "Death Group" event (e.g. a Death or Burial or Cremation record);
  • the person has an event before the "threshold year" which is set to 100 years before the current year.    Where the date on the event includes "about", "circa", and "say" dates, the threshold year is adjusted earlier by ten years;
  • the person has a spouse who has an event 30 years before the threshold. (The 30 year offset is intended to account for age mismatches between the couple);
  • the person has a descendant who has an event before the threshold year;
  • the person has five or more generations of descendants.

Some other points to note when reviewing the data:

  • Please remember that this is my interpretation of the data;
  • Particularly with earlier ancestors, the date of birth shown may, in fact, be a baptismal date (the latter is often more accessible than birth data in earlier records), although if I know it is a baptismal date then I record it as such;
  • There may be instances (hopefully, very few) where a child's parents are shown as married when, in fact, they were not (and vice versa);
  • Place Names are, where available, taken from source data - this can lead to descriptions that are not correct, geographically speaking, today (e.g. in the 1800's, areas we nowadays know as being part of London were described as being in Middlesex or Essex);
  • I have used Geocoding for Address / Place data - a coloured circle with a white "G" (representing "Google Maps") in the centre to indicate that a link to a map for the Place is present.  It should be noted that this is not an exact science and, in some cases, the link takes you to a "not found" or "Partial Match" page, or to a completely wrong location (!) - this is particularly the case where the Address / Place no longer exists!;
  • Where I have found details of Birth, Marriage or Death records based on the GRO records, these have, until recently, indicated that the registration of the event occurred within a given quarter - in these circumstances, and for consistency purposes, I record the date as February (for Q1), May (for Q2), etc., unless I have some other source showing a more exact date;
  • Similarly, where I do not have a separate source showing a more specific place where the BMD event occurred, then I have recorded the Registration District as the place on the basis that, although not strictly accurate, it does give an indication of where the event occurred;
  • I have had to exclude pictures ("Exhibits") of much source data for copyright reasons;
  • In respect of Census entries, there has been a considerable difference in the amount of data that was collected by the enumerators over the years and this is reflected in the details shown here (e.g. the 1841 UK census does not record the relationship of individuals to the Head of the Household, while some early UK census returns rounded the ages of some individuals [particularly children]). The Census link in the menus shows details requested at each census;
  • The 1911 UK Census was the first that included the length of a marriage (provided both parties were still alive) and the number of children born to the marriage as at the time of the census - I have included this latter information against the Citation details, and, if I don't have any marriage data, I have used the former as the basis for a marriage record;
  • The option to include data from the Census records in a grid on the Sources section of the website became available at the end of 2017 - I am now in the process of re-capturing census records so that this detail can be shown for all census citations, although it could be some time before this process is completed;
  • Details from the 1939 UK Register became generally available in late 2015 and I have started to add details from this where possible. The published data is only available for people born more than 100 years ago, or for whom a "death" update was recorded. Although the Register continued to be maintained after the war, less importance was attached to the updates (as it no longer affected, for example, peoples ability to get Ration books), so there are cases where people have died but their details are not visible on the Register and therefore unavailable for inclusion here.