The Tapscott Family Tree

1841 Census

This was the first "modern" census and has minimal detail against each person. It does not include a persons relationship to the Head of the Household, so many transcripts include persons who were in the "next" household.

In the 1841 returns it is noted whether, or not, persons were born in the same county as the return, or in Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts.

Details recorded for each person, as at 6th June, were:

  • Name and surname
  • Age (see below)
  • Sex
  • Occupation
  • Whether born in the county
  • Whether born outside England

In this Census there was also a policy of rounding down ages was in place, although in some instances actual ages were recorded!. As such, people aged:

  • 15-19 were recorded as 15
  • 20-24 were recorded as 20
  • 25-29 were recorded as 25
  • 30-34 were recorded as 30
  • 35-39 were recorded as 35...and so on