The Tapscott Family Tree

Map of High Ham area
High Ham

After Robert Tapscott moved with his family to High Ham in Somerset around 1815 this, for his family and many of his descendants, is where life effectively started and ended - St Andrew's Church (and its churchyard!) in the middle of the village.

All of Roberts children were baptised in Somerset - the earlier ones in nearby Isle Brewers and the rest at St Andrew's.  Robert and his wife Elizabeth, together with many of their children, are also buried here. As was common in those days, many of the children (and, indeed, their children) married locally - the result is many of the surnames still found in the area today can be found within our family tree.

I have so far been unable to track any of Robert Tapscott's ancestors. Records show he was from Culmstock in Devon, but there are a number of Tapscott's there at that time and, with no details about his parents, it has so far not been possible to link him to any of the Tapscott's in the area.

As time moved on, so did people.  Times were hard in the 1800's and a number of High Ham villagers, including some Tapscott's, emigrated to Australia in the mid 1800's.  Today there is only one "Tapscott" in the immediate area around the village (single and in his nineties), although many descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (via the daughters) are still in the High Ham area.

I have included a summary page showing individuals who have a "life" event (e.g. Birth, Marriage, etc) in the High Ham area- this can be found on the High Ham link above.

The following pages represent a continually growing state and is not intended to be a finished history of my "branch" of the Tapscott (and related) families but merely an attempt to place in an orderly fashion records on the Tapscott family that have been gathered over the years. Much information has been received from newly found distant relatives who are tracing their side of the family, and, with their permission, I have included these to provide as full a picture as possible.

I have excluded from the website details of "living" people.  Please refer to the About page for details on how this is ascertained, as well as other general comments about the building of the site.