The Tapscott Family Tree

1880 Census

Information requested for the 1880 US Census

  • Name, Color, Sex, Age

  • Month of birth

  • Relationship to the head of the family

  • Marital status

  • Is the person widowed or divorced?

  • Was the person married within the census year?

  • Profession, occupation, or trade

  • Number of months the person had been employed within the census year

  • Was, on the day of the enumerator's visit, the person was sick or disabled so as to be unable to attend to ordinary business or duties? If so, what was the sickness or disability?

  • Blind, deaf, dumb, idiotic or insane?

  • Was the person maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled?

  • Had the person attended school in the past year?

  • Can the person read or write?

  • What was the person's place of birth?

  • What was the person's father's place of birth?

  • What was the person's mother's place of birth?