The Tapscott Family Tree

1910 Census

Information requested for the 1910 Census:

General Population

  • Relationship to head of the family

  • Sex, color, race, age

  • Is the person single, married, widowed, or divorced?

  • If married, for how many years?

  • How many children did this person mother and how many survived?

  • State or country of birth

  • Mother and father’s place of birth

  • Year of immigration to the United States

  • Naturalized or an alien?

  • Can speak English? If not, what language?

  • Trade, profession, or occupation

  • General nature of the industry, business, or establishment of occupation

  • Is the person an employer, employee, or working on his own account?

  • If the person is an employee, was he out of work on April 15, 1910?

  • If the person is an employee, what is the number of weeks he was out of work in 1909?

  • Can read or write?

  • Has the person attended school at any time since September, 1909?

  • Is the person's home owned or rented?

  • Is the person's home owned free or mortgaged?

  • Does the person reside in a home or on a farm?

  • If on a farm, what is the farm's identification number on the census farm schedule?

  • Is the person a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy?

  • Is the person blind in both eyes?

  • Is the person deaf and dumb?

Indian Population * Tribe

  • Tribe of person's father

  • Tribe of person's mother

  • Proportion of lineage that is American Indian

  • Proportion of lineage that is white

  • Proportion of lineage that is black

  • Number of times married

  • Is this person living in polygamy?

  • If this person is living in polygamy, are his wives sisters?

  • If this person graduated from an educational institution, which one?

  • Is this person taxed?

  • If this person had received an allotment of land from the government, what was the year of that allotment?

  • Is this person residing on his or her own land?

  • Is this person living in a "civilized" or "aboriginal" dwelling?