The Tapscott Family Tree

1940 Census

Information requested of all people for the 1940 US Census

  • Street name

  • House number

  • Number of household in order of visitation

  • Is the home owned or rented?

  • Value of the home, if owned, or monthly rental, if rented

  • Does the person's household live on a farm?

  • Name

  • Relationship with the head of household

  • Sex

  • Color or race

  • Age at last birthday

  • Marital status

  • Did the person attend school or college at any time in the past year?

  • What was the highest grade of school that the person completed?

  • Person's place of birth

  • If foreign born, is the person a citizen?

  • City, town, or village

  • County and State or Territory

  • Was this house on a farm?

  • For persons 14 years and older - employment status

  • What is the person's occupation, trade, or profession?

  • What is the person's industry or business?

  • What is the person's class of worker?

  • Number of weeks worked in 1939 (or equivalent of full time weeks)

  • Amount of money, wages, or salary received (including commissions)

  • Did this person receive income of more than $50 from sources other than money wages or salary?

Random people were also selected to answer a series of additional questions - these included questions such as Birthplace of Father, etc